Genmega Kiosks

Genmega Kiosks are built by a vertically integrated company for the ever-changing kiosk market to meet the needs of solution providers and help them be successful in distributing their product.  Leveraging a lifetime in the ATM industry, a large engineer base, and worldwide facilities, Genmega Kiosks have flexibility, affordability, and usability in mind at all times.  Genmega can take your idea from design to prototype, to mass production and a lifetime of support.  More than manufacturing, Genmega takes your ideas and turns them into solutions that can sustain and adapt for years to come.

Our Product Line

Genmega Self Service Kiosks lead the industry in cost and performance, with a wide range of options to meet the needs of any business environment

Who is Genmega?

Since 2006 Genmega has been a manufacturer and provider of ATM and Transactional Kiosk solutions with well over 150,000 units deployed worldwide. Our products are built on a philosophy of cutting-edge engineering and integration wrapped in attractive, modern designs which are not only easy to deploy and maintain but also invite customers and maximize your returns.

We ended 2018 with a full line of customizable kiosks and financial products to meet the market’s needs and began 2019 with the same line, and more for what the market needs now and in the future. With full vertical integration, from design to manufacturing, to distribution and support, Genmega looks to continue its expansion into the financial kiosk and retail ATM industry.