What can we provide for you after you get your kiosk?

Genmega knows that building a machine is one thing, but if you don’t have the support and services to make your ideas solutions, you won’t get very far.  If you need a custom solution, or want to piggy back something Genmega already produces, Genmega can adapt to your needs.  If you have your software, and simply need hardware, or if you only have a vision and want to make it a reality, Genmega is ready for you.  If you have been building a product before and hit a wall when it comes to scale, Genmega has the capacity to do massive rollouts in a very timely manner.  Finally, once you have machines out in the field, Genmega has the support services to make sure you achieve success initially and in the future.

Genmega has the support services to make sure you achieve success initially and in the future.


With a full staff ready to assist, Genmega can provide drawings both for custom machines, or simple modifications to our existing lineups.


Making your dream a reality is what we do. From sample machines to full scale production, Genmega has the agility to handle small orders and the scale to do mass rollouts.


With offices in Korea, California, Texas, Nevada, Illinois and New Jersey, Genmega can handle shipping to anywhere in the world and in a timely manner.


Whether its PCI, EMV, CE, ADA or more, Genmega constantly makes sure that its components and its kiosks are compliant to both network and government regulations and with an eye on the future.

Hardware Support

With warranty programs, monitoring software and continuous improvements, Genmega realizes that the sale of the hardware is simply one step. Being able to provide support after the sale, both technical support and sales support, is a vital part of partnership and moving your product forward to being successful now and in the future.

Software Support

Software is the engine that drives the hardware, and we realize its importance here at Genmega. Whether you are wanting to write your own code, work with existing code, or simply need a third party to make your dreams a reality, Genmega has the resources to make sure that your hardware doesn’t simply sit idle. In kiosks, however, we don’t write our own code (so we aren’t competing with anything you are writing), but we have the knowledge and expertise to support both Linux and Windows Operating systems and make sure that your idea becomes a solution.

Sales Support

With this website in the Partners section, and working with Genmega sales staff, Genmega can really put the word “partner” in partnership. Genmega has an existing set of ATM distributors and can leverage those relationships to help promote your product to an entirely new audience, or simply help you reach your current customers. “We are in this together” is truly a mantra of the sales team at Genmega, and we look forward to working with you to promote and get the word out on your solution or service