Genmega Testimonials

“We could throw two or three typical words of praise into this testimonial, but the pros at Genmega deserve much more. Genmega doesn’t just provide – they participate, absorbing every facet of each of our projects’ needs and delivering kiosk solutions that integrate seamlessly with our technology. They’re experts in every aspect of this industry – from growth strategies to product positioning all the way to advertising and customer relations, and they don’t kid around with support – they solve a problem no matter what.  They are resolute in their dedication to continually improve and expand upon the innovative features they’re known for, always delivering on – time, on – budget and with unswerving professionalism.”

Advanced Transactions Solutions, Inc.

“The best decision we made, when looking for a customizable customer facing kiosk solution, was to call on Genmega. Initially we were impressed with the design of their wall and floor model universal kiosks, but ultimately, their greatest strength has been their support. They have gone the extra mile to meet our specific needs time and time again. We would have never been able to provide our customers with the full solution they need in a kiosk without the dedicated support of GenMega. You just don’t find that everywhere!”

CLub Control systems

“The origin story of our company is inextricably tied to a single phone conversation we had with Wes. When I told Mr. Dunn what we were trying to accomplish, the immediate response was, ‘Let’s make it happen!’ As I would later learn, this enthusiasm and commitment to seeing custom projects through end to end encompasses the entire team at Genmega. With Genmega’s talented and dedicated team of engineers, designers, and support personnel we have been able to scale rapidly in a challenging global environment. They truly stand behind their products in every way; I cannot overstate how much of a boon it has been to work with Genmega.”

Genesis Coin Inc.